Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Friday, September 17, 2010

Fall Line

Here is my fall line! All the pants are $30 and longalls are between $45 - $55. Remember you can mix and match designs on the shirts and shirt colors. Some of the shirt colors only come in certain sizes..... Also for your older boy you can just get the pants and get a cute long sleeve waffle or polo to go with them. (Stone, my son, thinks the shirts are "baby" but likes the pants!) If you have any questions email me! smyrick44@yahoo.com
In the pics I show the shirts and a big piece of the fabric. I felt like you could see the fabric better that way instead of putting the pants on there. Yes, the fabric is what the pants will be made out off!!!!

Giraffe (Shirt $20)

Cowboy (Shirt $20)

Multi Pattern Dots (Shirt $20)

Diamond Guitar (Shirt $25)

Madris (Name Shirt $25)

Elephants (Shirt $20)

Polka Dot Pants (shirt not included - monogram by Posh Paisley)

Camo Tractor Shirt - $25